Taiwan Moss - Balm for your soul

Taiwan Moss - Balm for your soul
Taiwan moss is an aquarium plant which suitable for making moss wall as your tank backdrop. Watching the moss waving in the current rewards you with a sense of tranquility, a balm to heal your soul :)

Included in slow growing category, however Taiwan Moss is a hardy aquarium plant and a great natural hideout for fish fry. It's also able to withstand a great variety of water conditions and can be tied to driftwood with sewing thread or fishing line. Taiwan moss is easy to maintenance, no carbon dioxide injection required for healthy growth.

Taiwan Moss Quick overview

Name Taiwan Moss
pH 5.8 - 7.5
Temperature 24 to 29 °C (75 to 84 °F)
Hardness 2 - 15 dh
Lighting Requirements Low to High
Size 1.5"
Difficulty Easy

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