Echinodorus Red Rubin

Echinodorus Red Rubin for sale
Echinodorus rubin, also known as Red Rubin, is an amphibious aquarium plant that has long red, brown and green leaves in its submerged state. When emerged from the water, the leaves will turn bright green in color. This is a great background plant for smaller tanks but it's usually use as a middle-ground plant in the larger tanks that will add a variety of color and texture to your freshwater planted aquarium.

The Echinodorus Red Rubin is a relatively easy plant to maintain, but grows rather large in the aquarium. Use this aquatic plant as a background in the smaller aquarium, and as a mid-ground focal point in the larger aquarium. Do not allow the leaves of this plant to shade neighboring plants. It requires a moderate level of light of 2 to 3 watts per gallon provided by full spectrum (5000-7000K) bulbs.

Reproduction within this species is by adventitious plants, side shoots, and rhizome division. Simply allow the plant to reproduce by one of the above methods, and when the new plant forms its own leaves, separate and re-plant in another location of the aquarium. The Red Rubin is sensitive to copper, and this type of medication should not be added to the aquarium where it is contained.

The Red Rubin benefits from regular additions of CO2, iron rich fertilizers, and trace elements.

Echinodorus Red Rubin - Quick view

  • Name : Echinodorus Red Rubin
  • Temperature : 20 - 30 C (68 - 86 F)
  • PH Level : 6 - 8
  • Light Level : Low - High
  • Growth Rate : Slow
  • Overall Difficulty : Medium
  • Per Portion size : 3 to 5 leaves
  • Per Leaf size : 8 cm (3.2") height

The aquarium plant will be shipped with leaves removed, as the leaves will melt off in your tank due to different water parameters. New leaves will grow in a few days.

A healthy stump is firm upon arrival. Gently plant the Echinodorus Red Rubin into the substrate with tweezers and leave it alone. Avoid drastic changes to water parameters, as it is trying to adapt to the new environment.