Echinodorus ozelot

Echinodorus ozelot is a decorative hybrid between Echinodorus schluteri 'Leopard' and Echinodorus x barthii. Naturally, it is the elliptical black spots on the red-brown leaves that have given this plant the name 'Ozelot'.

The spots are darkest on the youngest leaves, and unlike many other spotted Echinodorus Echinodorus 'Ozelot' retains its spots even at low light intensity. It is an undemanding, good plant for beginners.

Echinodorus ozelot - Quick view

> Name : Echinodorus 'Ozelot'
> Temperature : 20 - 30 C (68 - 86 F)
> PH Level: 6 - 8
> Light Level : Low - High
> Growth Rate : Slow
> Overall Difficulty : Medium
> Per Portion size: to 5 leaves
> Per Leaf size: 8 cm (3.2") height

The aquarium plant will be shipped with leaves removed, as the leaves will melt off in your tank due to different water parameters. New Echinodorus ozelot's leaves will grow in a few days.

A healthy stump is firm upon arrival. Gently plant it into the substrate with tweezers and leave the Echinodorus ozelot alone. Avoid drastic changes to water parameters, as it is trying to adapt to the new environment.