Echinodorus horemanii Red

Echinodorus horemanii "Red" is a very beautiful plant that adds dramatic contrast to a scene. Prefers a slightly cooler Temperature and very clear water. The Echinodorus Red Hormanii looks great in a well-planted aquarium with its contrasting red to purpled red colors; it will grow to a height of 45cm. This aquarium plant would make an instant impact in your aquarium with its size and beauty.

Echinodorus Red Hormanii - Quick view

Name : Echinodorus horemanii red
Temperature : 20 - 30 C (68 - 86 F)
PH Level: 6 - 8
Light Level : Low - High
Growth Rate : Slow
Overall Difficulty : Medium
Per Portion size : 3 to 5 leaves
Per Leaf size : 8 cm (3.2") height

Aquarium pants will be shipped with leaves removed, as the leaves will melt off in your tank due to different water parameters. New leaves will grow in a few days.

A healthy stump is firm upon arrival. Gently plant it into the substrate with tweezers and leave it alone. Avoid drastic changes to water parameters, as it is trying to adapt to the new environment.